Elena Papaioannou

Elena Papaioannou is a certified practitioner of the Buteyko method. She began her research and apprenticeship with the belief that the human body has the power to self heal. She studied anatomy, pathology and physiology and was trained in Ireland, where she received her diploma in 2010 as a specialist in the Buteyko breathing method from the BCI (Buteyko Clinic International). In 2011 she was accredited as Buteyko method specialist from the Clinica Buteyko Moscow. In 2015 she released her first children’ s book by Kyriakidis Bros. Publications titled “The Secret of Breathing and Theseus” and recently released her second book entitled “The Art of Breathing”.

The Buteyko method is based in human physiology and offers answers to a number of enigmatic points of classical medicine, as well as therapeutic options for virtually irreconcilable and incurable diseases that plague a large proportion of the population.

Her mission is to transfer her long-standing knowledge and experience and her deep faith in the ability of man to self -heal. She teaches an effective program for asthma and stress management, based on breathing exercises. She shares her knowledge of the importance of proper breathing with the general public and for that she conducts open talks, seminars, radio and TV shows as well as private sessions and her own channel on youtube, Buteyko pnoi. She is an athlete and she also works in the field of sports helping athletes improve their performance with a basic breathing tool.

“I have chosen to live according to the principles I teach!

Knowing what is good and beneficial to man can truly be shared when what we have learned, we have applied first to ourselves and we have received positive results. In the last 20 years I live according to the principles I teach! This way of life has given me the certainty that the reins of health and life belong to every person personally.”

We can only follow her thoughts and in the harsh times we are going to seize our day with faith and creativity. The Buteyko method demonstrates in practice that breath control is the way to live healthy and shape our destiny!

Interview with Eleni Skarpou for the newspaper “Democracy”, Thessaloniki, May 2018.