Why Choose PNOI

  • The Buteyko method teaches me the way to control my breath. In this way, the normal function of the respiratory system is restored, which is the most important thing for my survival.
  • In medical science, there aren’t any breathing exercises that are connected with objective measurements of their result, besides Dr Buteyko’s method.
  • An integral part of the Buteyko method is an objective approach of health, based on control pause (control pause measures the duration a person can hold his/her breathe after a normal exhale and constitutes the way with which the CO2 levels are ascertained in lungs.
  • The Buteyko method fights mild asthma*.  Nowadays, 60-80% of asthmatic people have a mild form of asthma. In mild asthma, small aggravations happen about twice a week during day time and not more than once per month during the night. This case of asthma doesn’t require medication and is cured with the Buteyko method in a natural way within a short time. The steady use of medicine in mild asthma is one of the most basic reasons that it is gradually aggravated.  
  • PNOI by Elena Papaioannou offers responsibly and in a certified way the necessary surveillance and guidance required for the right application and teaching of the Buteyko method.

* Results of an Australian clinical trial. The clinical research was realized in 1995 in Mater hospital of Brisbane with the support of the Australian Union of Asthma Foundations, while the results were announced in a meeting of the Thoracic Society in Hobart.

50% reduction of asthma symptoms within two weeks

Better sleep, less stress and higher levels of energy