About the Program...

Health is the highest asset and yet it is not granted, it belongs to the man who works hard to maintain it!

Pnoi was created with the belief that the human body is a complete and perfect creation that has the potential of self-regulation and self-healing. Countless surveys of recent years prove that stress is the source of every disease. Pnoi is a basic guide to improving your health and reducing stress.

Ιt includes training courses that give you the basic tools and knowledge you need to achieve it. It consists of the breathing exercises of the Buteyko method (a scientific method based on human physiology) aimed at:


  • Reeducation of the breathing that brings the breathing volume to normal.
  • Relaxed and shallow breathing for the most complete oxygenation of the body.


Moreover it teaches you relaxation techniques (tradition and philosophical systems), focusing on breathing to reduce stress and address critical situations such as panic attacks and asthma. It is suitable to anyone who wants to build a better health level and to people who are in the following situations:


  • Asthma, Rhinitis
  • COPD
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Snoring & sleep apnea
  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks & depression
  • Children, parents are educated to teach them a healthy way of living.



  • They are individual
  • They are carried out on a weekly basis
  • Each session lasts one hour
  • There are a total of seven

The exercises taught are applied on a daily basis between the sessions and on a continuous basis after the completion of the course. In particular, emphasis is placed on the importance of nasal breathing and the way to achieve it.

A series of breathing exercises are practiced  during the course, under the supervision and guidance of the trainer. Essentially, you learn how to change your breathing pattern in order to adjust the volume of inhaled air to normal (5-6lt air / minute). Breath is encoded in the respiratory center of the brain.

Results to expect after completion of the program

Reduction of the symptoms of the disease, until complete recovery of the organism

Restoring the natural balance of breathing

Improves oxygenation of the body

Reducing stress

Strengthens the immune system

Increases energy and vitality

Connection with the inner self

Better mood, appreciation for life and more creativity and ideas

A structured set of knowledge that will help you lay the foundations for a healthy life and open the path of self-awareness. The effectiveness of the program is enhanced by the natural nutrition for cell nutrition, detoxification for the elimination of toxins, as well as a series of healthy habits that help the body regain its homeostasis and come to the state of complete health!


  • The results of the method are visible from the first two weeks.
  • The breathing exercises can be applied by all people.
  • You can learn more about the method from my channel on You tube.
  • Understand the way you breathe through a simple exercise
  • Apply breathing exercises to your everyday life.